Custom Training Packages

OMARK Consultants, Inc. OMARK delivers practical and effective training programs to help our clients maximize their knowledge in all facets of leak detection and odor complaint investigation. Our instructors our cross trained in a variety regulations and methods for your employees to establish Operator Qualification status in the following areas

  • Properties of Natural Gas / Abnormal
    Operating Conditions
  • Odor Complaint Investigation
  • Leak Classification
  • Venting of Buildings
  • Mobile Flame Ionization Surveys
  • Portable Flame Ionization Surveys
  • Public Building Surveys
  • Business District Surveys
  • Transmission Line Patrolling
  • Bridge and Exposed Pipe Survey
  • Atmospheric Corrosion Inspections
  • Pipe Coatings Inspections
  • Measuring pipe-to-soil potential
  • Visually inspecting for internal corrosion
  • Inspecting the condition of exposed
    pipe or pipe coating
  • Inspect pipe at a maintenance job for damage

OMARK Consultants, Inc. will customize a training package to suit your particular needs. For more information contact us on our contact page or call 508-509-5527.